Oh So Swedish Massage 60/90 minutes $65/$95

Swedish is the ultimate massage for someone who wants a whole body, deeply-relaxing massage, rather than specific and deep work. If you love to simply let go, even drift into sleep on the table, this massage is great for you. Long, broad strokes encourage letting go, in a softly lit, warm and beautiful space. If you have specific muscle tension or injuries you want work on, we recommend our Therapeutic or the Deep Tissue Massages.

Oh So Therapeutic Massage 60/90 minutes $75/$100

This massage experience blends several different massage styles and techniques, including Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release. You get the relaxing strokes of the Swedish style, combined with deep, specific work to release pain and tension. Myofascial Release unleashes stress in your connective tissue, opening energy to flow in the body. If you exercise a lot, or have specific tension and pain in your body, and also love to relax, we highly recommend this complete and pleasurable experience.

Truly Deep Tissue Massage 60/90 minutes

Deep Tissue massage is about specific and deep work on areas of tension and holding. We slowly and gently find these places and open them, using incremental and increasing levels of expert pressure to penetrate muscle layers. Whether you have pain or soreness, or simply love deep work, the benefits of this massage can be profound. Like with our other massages, we offer a space and setting that is warm and conducive to letting go.

Oh Baby Prenatal Massage 60/90 minutes

This specialty massage is designed for your ever-changing body, to help relieve you of the discomforts of the swelling and stress on your joints and organs. We know it hurts! We take exquisite care to ensure your safety and comfort, with specially designed pillows and props, and a slower, and more attuned pace. Our clients often tell us that they sleep more deeply, and feel increased day-time energy, with this prenatal treatment, especially when received every couple of weeks. *First trimester please provide DOCTOR’S approval.

Swedish Hot Stone Massage 60/90 Minutes $90/$125

If you have some tension, but prefer a lighter, more soothing massage to help you let go, this massage is simply wonderful. Smooth river stones immersed in warm water are used to gently massage the broad muscles of your body. The warmth of the stones encourages your muscles to relax, improves circulation and calms your nervous system. Some of our clients say the warm rocks make for the most enjoyable massage they’ve ever had! You also get your choice of an organic essential oil, to enhance and deepen your experience of on the table.

Precise Pain Relief 60/90 minutes $95/$140

If you suffer from……
Tennis/golf elbow
Neck pain/whiplash
Shoulder Rotator cuff
Chronic low back pain
Foot pain/Plantar Fasciitis
Knee pain.

This specialty massage incorporates a combination of trigger point therapy and muscle release techniqueSM

*Add a Body Scrub on to any massage for $25

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