Wraps and Scrubs

Relax and Hydrate Wrap $115

Moisture-binding emollient with essential oil’s of Sandalwood that induces deep relaxation, hydration and protection for the skin, calms while Tangerine oil uplift the body & soul. A rich, soft, warming balm uniquely melts on contact, leaving skin perfectly calm & hydrated. This warm and inviting wrap induces relaxation & serenity while pampering and hydrating the skin. No shower needed! Wheat Germ glycerides, Shea Butter glycerides, Avocado & Soy oil. Pair with a Swedish massage for a truly relaxing experience. No shower needed!

Detox, Tighten and Tone Wrap & Scrub $125

A moisture-binding emollient that provides a powerful detoxification to the body. A powerful blend of 10 essential oil’s are used to warm, stimulate and purify the body of chemicals and toxins. A rich, soft, warming balm uniquely melts on contact, leaving skin perfectly purified. This wrap provides powerful oils to cleanse the body of toxins and help tone & smooth the skin. Body scrub included. No shower needed! Pair with our Therapeutic Massage for increased results! Pair with our Therapeutic Massage for increased results.

Relaxing Rose Wrap & Scrub 

This wonderfully fragrant treatment begins a body polish, with finely ground Dead Sea Salt, followed by a full body application of Organic, Geranium Rose Oil in virgin coconut. Ah! This is truly heavenly! We then enfold you in a heated cocoon, and administer a deeply relaxing scalp massage with rose oil. Body scrub included. No shower is needed with this service! Seasonal

Warm Pumpkin Wrap & Scrub 

We begin by lavishing your body in a soothing mask of Pumpkin Seed. The mask removes dead skin cells and vigorously stimulates cell regeneration, without any irritation to your skin. If you’re averse to being “scrubbed,” you’ll love this powerful, and yet safe exfoliant for sensitive skin. Applied with organic Clove, Cinnamon, Rosemary & Lemon essential oils to warm your body, increase blood flow, and activate cleansing your skin. We then wrap you in a deliciously warm cocoon from which you will never want to leave! The result: A wonderful, full body glow! (Seasonal)

Foot Massage & Scrub 

Foot massage relaxes and relieves tired feet. Foot scrub exfoliates and remove dead skin cells from the feet leaving them soft and supple. THIS IS AN ADD-ON SERVICE ONLY! May be added to any massage or facial service.