Face Waxing

      • Eyebrow $15
      • Lip $10
      • Chin $10
      • Ear $10
      • Nose $10
      • Eye Brow Tinting $15
      • Brows, lip and chin $30

Body Waxing

      • Brazilian $55
      • Thighs w/Bikini $60
      • Thighs w/Brazilian $85
      • Half leg $45
      • Full leg $70
      • Arms $35
      • Underarms $25
      • Stomach (women)$10
      • Stomach (men)$30
      • Chest (men) $40
      • Back (men) $60

Risks & Tips

IMPORTANT: Please read before making your Waxing Appointment!

*Note: About Brazilian Bikini Waxing: All hair from the front to back will be removed, or a strip of hair can be left if desired, a (“landing strip”). Your hair needs to be at least a 1/4-inch to a 1/2-inch long to be waxed. This is usually about three weeks of hair growth, after shaving. After just one wax session, your re-growth will be thinner, finer and softer. With continued waxing, you may experience a significant reduction in re-growth. *

It is always helpful to exfoliate and take a mild anti-inflammatory medication before a wax service. This will help to reduce skin redness and swelling – and will help to keep you calm if you become nervous easily. Also, it’s best to avoid caffeine and alcohol 24 hours before your waxing service, as they increase blood flow and make the skin feel more sensitive. Waxing is a very personal service, and you can rest assured that our licensed Estheticians are both sensitive to this and professional.

*You must be 18 years of age or have a parent’s approval or signature to wax. *Brazilian Waxing during your pregnancy is perfectly safe, but your skin may be a little more sensitive. *Most women are hair-free for two to three weeks, depending on how fast you grow hair. You can expect to wax every four to six weeks, on average.

*When Not to Get Waxed: If you’re using Salicylic acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acids or any other powerful exfoliant. waxing could make your skin red, bleed or scab. Waxing is also contraindicated if: you’re taking Accutane or stopped taking it less than a year ago; you’re taking any prescription acne medication; you have Lupus or AIDS, or you’re undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.

 Waxing Consent Form